Negative Bias

Lesson Topic

Students will discuss ways to support LGBTQ+ students dealing with negative biases of others.

Essential Question

What are effective ways of dealing with someone is negatively biased against a member of LGBTQ+ community?

Negative Bias – Craig

Lesson Plan

Choosing to Speak Out

Commenting on a time when he was harassed in the community, Craig says, “that’s when I decided that though, because before that point, I was like, ‘I’m not going to be an activist. That’s not the kind of thing I want to do’. But after that is when I started getting involved with the GSA [his school’s Gay Straight Alliance Network chapter].” Describe why it is valuable to make the choice to become an activist. Why is it helpful for people who are from a discriminated community and those who are not discriminated against to take action together?

Harassment is Violent

Craig discusses harassment that occurs regularly saying, “Basically almost every week… People yell ‘faggot’ out of their car… Even though this is not a physical attack, describe why this is harmful and violent. Why do people who might never physically attack someone else think it is okay to harass others anonymously? What are some ways that such attacks could be prevented?

Is Your Community Safe?

When talking about his parents, Craig says they are “awesome.” But he further says, “I think that they’re scared like as any parent would be scared when their kid is like falling into a line, going into a culture that is shunned by a good portion of society and has a lot of violence against it.” Consider the community you live in. Would Craig’s parents need to be concerned in your community? Why or why not? What actions are needed in your community to make all people feel safe? Develop a plan of action if one is needed

Tips for teens on dealing with stress

Read this blog post written by Lena Malpeli discussing her experiences. In some ways she had similar experiences to Craig saying, “I was never explicitly bullied at school for being gay, but unusual looks from teammates, cold shoulders, and one rant from a former teammate.” She further discusses creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students. Do you think your school provides adequate safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students? For students of other traditionally marginalized groups? Why or why not? Provide examples.

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