Change and Our Lives

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Change and Our Lives

Lesson Topic

Students will consider how they deal with change and how to prepare for the transition to high school.

Essential Question

How do I cope with change and what can I do to remain optimistic?

Change and our lives – Guadalupe

Lesson Plan

Some things in life are difficult

Guadalupe says, “it is hard, nothing that is worth it is easy”. What things were hard for Guadalupe? What actions can you take when faced with something hard? How do you feel when you accomplish something that is hard to do?

Challenges teach us

Dr. Benard says, “we’re born with an incredible capacity to overcome challenge and adversity. Even if bad stuff happens…you have the power to make your life different.” Think about a time something bad happened to you. Describe what were you able to learn from it? How can you remind yourself that you can learn from difficult challenges?

School can be difficult sometimes

Take a look at this checklist developed by the United States Department of Education. This website provides a great deal of information about what you will need to be doing academically during your freshman year of high school (even if you are not planning to attend college), as well as links to other helpful sites if you are interested in financial aid information. Take a look at the checklist. Do you think Guadalupe followed this checklist? Why or why not? Which items are you best prepared for? Why do you believe you are prepared for these? Which items do you see as your biggest challenge? Why do you believe these will be challenges?

Obstacles prepare us for the future

Guadalupe says, “you can see obstacles as punishment … or you can see obstacles as challenges…to learn”. How do challenges or difficult experiences help people learn? We know from the film that Guadalupe is going to college, do you think she will be successful? Why or why not?

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