Proving That I Can


Family Resources on Proving That I Can

Lesson Topic

Students will learn how to develop a goal and figure out how to overcome obstacles that could interfere with reaching the goal.

Essential Question

How do I create a plan to reach a goal I set for myself?

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Proving That I Can – Hunter

If this lesson was used in the classroom: Students learned about goal setting with the example of Hunter, a differently abled youth who participates in activities other youth enjoy. In class students discussed goal setting and practiced developing a plan for overcoming obstacles to reach their goals.

Getting Ready for the Conversation

The video for this module features Hunter who has a prosthetic leg but he is not handicapped. He participates in many activities alongside other youth his age and he is not bothered when people realize he sometimes uses a prosthesis to aid in mobility. While everyone’s situation is unique, we all face obstacles to reaching goals and must learn to follow through to reach the goals we set.

Conversation Starters and Practice at Home

The first item is for follow-up after viewing the lesson video and participating in class activities.

Tell about some of the issues that were brought up in class about goal setting. Why did you find these issues interesting? What do you think motivates Hunter?

Describe why you think it is important to set goals? Why is it important to consider the things that can interfere with reaching your goals?

Set a goal you want to start working on reaching and list several obstacles that will need to be overcome to reach this goal. Why did you choose this goal? Why do you think the obstacles you listed will interfere? Assess how willing you are to reach this goal. [Revisit this goal periodically and continue to assess.]

School to Home Resources on Proving That I Can

Lesson Plan

Doing thrilling stuff

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Hunter says, “I want to get out there and do stuff-thrilling stuff. I feed off of other people’s reactions”. What reactions do you think Hunter is talking about? Why do you think some people might be surprised by some of the things Hunter does?

Being a normal guy

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Hunter says, “sometimes I think that other people are afraid of offending me” and then he says, “I am a normal guy, just treat me like a normal guy”. Why would Hunter want to be treated like a “normal guy”?

Opportunities for everyone

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Hunter says, “Wow this is pretty cool, I’m different from other kids. I can do some things that other kids can’t, and kids can do some things that I can’t”. Some people assume that people who are differently-abled cannot accomplish the same things as others. How do you think that Hunter developed a mindset that he can accomplish things that some people do not expect? How does having a positive mindset (or set of beliefs) impact setting goals? Is it useful to set goals that are hard to achieve?

Think about your goals

Overcoming obstacles is an important part of setting goals. Look at this article about setting goals. Look at the five facts about goal setting. Which one do you think is most important to you when you think about setting a goal? Why do you think so? Write a goal for yourself using all five of these ideas and see if you can achieve it.

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