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Project and Purpose

By explicitly teaching social-emotional learning skills while honoring diverse identities, creating a sense of belonging, and promoting student agency toward personal growth and social impact, the teacher better creates a classroom environment that fosters well-being for self and others.

If the lesson is used in the classroom: The goal of this lesson was for students to define kindness, brainstorm ways to show kindness by complimenting others and play a game where students practice being kind.

In class students practiced complimenting each other and played a game called “Compliment Car Wash” which helped students give compliments to each other.

Getting Ready for the Conversation

Kindness is showing that we care for one another. This lesson helps students practice showing kindness to one another.

Conversation Starters and Practice at Home Activities

Ask your child to tell you what kindness means and talk about the examples that were discussed in class.

Ask your child to describe how it felt to be in the “Compliment Car Wash” (they should have received a lot of compliments from other students).

Have your student teach the rest of the family to play “Compliment Car Wash”.

Ask your child to describe how it felt to give other students compliments while the other students were in the “Compliment Car Wash”.

Discuss the following question:

  • As a family do we do a good job of showing kindness towards others? Describe why and how.

School to Home Resources on Kindness

In this lesson students will define and explore the idea of kindness, through using kind words to others. Students will show kindness by giving compliments and showing gratitude to others.


This 25–35 minute lesson is designed for flexibility. It can be taught in one day or over the course of a week.

  • Warm Welcome
  • Feelings Check-in
  • SEL Skill Spotlight
  • Active Engagement
  • Closing Connection
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