Family Resources on What is Self-Management ?

Project and Purpose

In class students learned the definition of self-management. Students also learned a skill called self-talk where they talk to themselves about what they should do before acting. Students then brainstormed, discussed and practiced self-talk as one method of self-management.

Self-Management is one of the five major competencies, or building blocks, of social emotional learning. Children learning self-management is often a high priority for parents and adult mentors. Like adults, young children experience difficult emotions, but young children have limited opportunities to learn how to maintain control in many situations. Learning self-management may be particularly difficult as children enter school because there are so many new rules to follow and many new social situations. This lesson introduces building blocks to the competency of self-management by helping students discuss and practice what to do when faced with difficult emotions.

For more on Self-Management check out this article at Healthy Children:

Conversation Starters and Practice at Home Activities

Tell me about the classroom discussion on “self-talk”. What did you find new or interesting?

Discuss the following questions:

  • What are some situations that you find difficult or hard to manage?
  • What are some things you can do when you are faced with these difficult situations that make you feel angry or stressed? What strategies can help you remain calm and in control?

School to Home Resources on Self Management

In this lesson, students will learn strategies for managing strong emotions like anger, sadness, excitement or frustration. Students will practice these strategies and create a self-care chart to help remind them of the strategies the work for them.


This 25–35 minute lesson is designed for flexibility. It can be taught in one day or over the course of a week.

  • Warm Welcome
  • Feelings Check-in
  • SEL Skill Spotlight
  • Active Engagement
  • Closing Connection
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